The Deh Cho Society originated in the 1970's from the community members who needed a place where they could do activities and events.  At the time the local Dene Band was the sponsoring agency for the Deh Cho Society.  In 1972 the Friendship Centre depended to a large degree on individual volunteers for fund-raising, private donations and small grants from  Federal/Territorial Governments  to run activities/events. In January 1979 the Deh Cho Society received its Certificate of Incorporation to provide a Friendship Centre for the People of Fort Simpson.

In 1999 the Deh Cho Society Friendship Centre changed its name to the Deh Cho Friendship Centre.  The Centre is a non-profit organization that depends on the contributions, grants and donations from other organizations to maintain the current level of services we currently provide.

Mission Statement

Since its inception the Friendship Centres mission statement is:

To support people of the Deh Cho Region retain and develop their identity and culture by supporting personal development and community programs through the integration of aboriginal culture, tradition and values. We do this through Education, Social, Culture and Spiritual Programs in a cooperative manner with resident and community organizations.


The Deh Cho Friendship Centre was established to provide aboriginal children with support programs and services to ensure success in life in an urban setting. We believe in maintaining/strengthening our cultural ties, language and customs, while providing support for our children and youth. These activities will assist them in adjusting to the demands of life in the community. We also believe in providing a safe and healthy environment for youth/community members to do activities and cultural events.